BCUBE services include the design, implementation and management of logistics solutions tailor-designed to meet customer requirements.


With the experience gained in different sectors, industries and countries, BCUBE is able to develop the solutions that best suit the customers’ needs.


Thanks to the expertise and operational experience gained throughout many years of collaboration with its customers, the BCUBE boasts proficiency in technology, from both a procedural as well and an analytical point of view.

Factory logistics

The Group operates in the very heart of the productive activity of the customer, providing highly-integrated services in support of the production process including: collection of components from a supplier, materials warehouse management, preparation of kits for line feeding in JIT and JIS , pre-assembly and feed of lines with Kanban techniques.

Warehouses and platforms management

The Group has its own logistics platforms and intermodal centers that allow to streamline the supply chain and strategically organize the transport network, storage, shipping and distribution of goods.

Air cargo handling

The Group is one of the main logistics operators in AIR Cargo Handling and provides its services in the airports of Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and Venice Marco Polo.

Industrial packaging

We capitalizeover 60 years ofexperiencein operationsandstowageofcargoto design and implementtailor-madepackagesfor all types ofgoodsandtransportin accordance with thelegal and sanitaryrequirementsworldwide


Themanagement of CKD(CompleteKnock Down) flows is one of the main areas of operation of the Groupinthe Automotive sectorfor over 40 years, andalsoappealsto the stronginternational presenceof the group andthe ability to manageintermodaltransports.

Equipment services

The Group is able to provide a complete program for the management and long and short-term hire of means for transport and internal handling of goods and components: lift trucks, mechanical means, pallet trucks, accessories and complementary products

Multimodal transport

Design and management of a rational and efficient logistics network: Creation of load plans, optimal carrier selection, organization design, processing of required permits and authorizations, continual monitoring of the delivery from pick-up to customer receipt.

Heavy load transport

Design and execution of all types of heavy load transport comprising the customers’ transportation requests, organization and planning of routes, programming and optimization of loads and load plans, documentation management and permits for transport with an escort for oversize/overweight shipments, and lifting and storing semi-finished and finished products.

Freight forwarding

Management of shipments by air and by sea in the main countries in collaboration with the most active shipping companies.

Value added operations

Our offer is not limited to services considered “traditional” in the world of logistics, but we propose us with high value added activities, by integrating and contributing significantly in some phases of the production process of our customers.