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The website published today the news concerning the future plans for the strengthening and development of MLE (Malpensa Logistica Europa), a subsidiary of BCUBE company. The notice contains the statement of the CEO of BCUBE and President of MLE, Enrico Bazzi and the one of MLE’s CEO Mauro Grisafi.


BCUBE and MLE (Malpensa Logistics Europe) programming new plans to improve the skills of airport logistics.

The new plans will be linked to the traffic flows of goods in import/export to Milan Malpensa and Linate and to the international development.

Malpensa Logistics Europe (MLE), founded in 1996, operates as a cargo handler at the airports of Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate; Since 2002 MLE operates within the new Malpensa Cargo City, the largest and most modern platform for air cargo in the southern Europe. In 2009 the Argol Villanova Group (now BCUBE, Integrated Logistics Operator on the global scale) takes over from SEA a majority stake (75%) of Malpensa Logistics Europe; the new holding is added to the Fiumicino Logistics Europe (acquired in 2007 from Airports of Rome), thus initiating a process of integration and synergy between the two major Italian airports. Today MLE operates in airport logistics activities related to freight traffic flows in import and export such as storage, preparation, handling in customs areas, dismantling, customs clearance, collection and distribution including road transport.

The theme of the Airport’s Logistics is now a very living matter. BCUBE, through its subsidiary, MLE is planning substantial investments in Malpensa: new infrastructure to improve and perform more efficient handling of so-called “special goods”, new safety systems, automated management, Information Technology platforms for better communication with customers and for the provision of data and information in real time.

“We think of an international route – says Mauro Grisafi, CEO of MLE – we are watching with interest the major European airports. But we cannot grow abroad, unless we consolidate our Italian business. The creation of an international network is crucial for a project of organic growth. In this development plan, the work of airport’s logistics operators (eg. SEA, Airports of Rome) turns out to be essential. Only in this way, and with the above mentioned operations we can compete with the big international operators (eg. Swissport, WFS, Menzies, etc.).”

“It is not by creating further unnecessary competition (for example by building new airport warehouses for handling goods, next to the already existing ones, managed by multiple operators, which are currently only 60% saturated), that you achieve the goal of increasing the volume of goods in departure and arrival at the airport of Malpensa” says Enrico Bazzi, president of MLE and CEO of BCUBE. Instead, we should think of finding tools that can attract new traffic of goods, and therefore intercept volumes of Italian goods that today go to foreign airports through the road transport. It’s important that the breadth of services and their quality are up to the standards of the most important European airports. Obviously our plans for growth can only be achieved with the work of high-skilled managers. The BCUBE and MLE are certainly an example of an Italian entrepreneurship that believes in its own country.”