Let’s talk about pharma logistics …TEMPERATUZ 2017

BCUBE Air Cargo is produly sponsoring the second edition of TEMPERATUZ (, Italian End to End Pharma Logistics event that will take place in Rome the 21st and 22nd June, 2017 with particular focus to pharmaceutical handling at the airport.

As 3rd in the world IATA CEIV certified operator, and after the opening of our new Pharma Centers in Malpensa and Fiumicino, BCUBE Air Cargo has become an important qualified referent for the Italian pharmaceutical sector. The last step into BCUBE pharma pioneering world was its admission to the IATA TTTF as new member.

First on the Italian ground handling agents field, BCUBE Air Cargo has been changing the scenario in the pharmaceutical handling at the airport.

Thanks to TEMPERATUZ, eventually the producers will have the chance to better understand that the airport is not a cupply chain “black hole” but an important platform that completely satisfy their quality requirements.

It was a a very significant achievement to prove that we were “talking” the same quality language.

We produly embraced the TEMPERATUZ also this year, after a successful 2016 edition , which furtherly confirmed the importance of this Europe’s number one network of professionals involved in practlcail discussions regarding the pharma industry needs.