Enrico Bazzi – CEO of BCUBE speaks about the new headquarters

Enrico Bazzi, CEO of BCUBE speaks about the new headquarters and explains the transition between the project and the beginning of works.
(IL MONFERRATO May 9, 2014)
“We were introduced, by the CEO of BCUBE, Enrico Bazzi, into the project related to the creation of the new headquarters of the company from Casale Monferrato” writes Alberto Marello.”The facility of 6 thousand sqm will be built in the area of San Bernardino in Casale, between Via Verdi and the Pala Ferraris. “The details of the project have been defined in the past few months – said the Group – with a particular focus on the energy savings aspect.” In fact, the project of the new headquarters of BCUBE is based on the most modern principles of environmental sustainability: flat photovoltaic panels invisible from the outside (constructed in order to allow better radiation), interiors in which the lights will turn off automatically when the building will become empty, and “low-emissive” glass windows, a kind of ” virtuous skin” enabling the internal temperature control.
The Logistics Group belonging to the Bonzano family, with its headquarters still in the industrial area of Coniolo, has entrusted the design and the management of the executive part of the project to the “Studio Pession” from Turin.
Q: Dr. Bazzi , when are the works going to start?
A: We would have already been able to carry out the excavation but we preferred to wait, works will start within the beginning of the summer. It’s a very complex project from the engineering point of view and we analyzed it very carefully several times. We wanted a project that would not be subject to additional variations during the executive phase. We may have lost a little bit of time at the very beginning, but I am sure that we will gain it back in the executive phase. Everything is almost ready, there’s just the tender for the assignment of works missing. It will be concluded in the first week of June.

Q: When do you think you will be able to complete the works?
A: We expect them to be finished by the end of 2015.

Q: What kind of advantages will a business center like that bring to BCUBE?
A: As far as the location is concerned, we have actually took various possibilities into consideration. We were thinking of Casale Monferrato as well as Milan and others. In the end, what made us up our mind, were the aspects that bind us to this territory: we are all from Casale and the company was born here. We believe that Casale is well connected, in terms of road connections, moreover we are in good relations with the city administration and that allowed us to act faster. As far as the new building is concerned, our company keeps on growing and we needed a new space. It is important to have a place, which allows us to work better, and which is structured in the way enabling us to maintain constant contact with our sites abroad.

Q: How much is the investment that the BCUBE has done for the new headquarters?
A: The new facility will cost around 6-7 million Euros.

Q: How many people will work within the new structure?
A: Initially, about one hundred. We have no production activity, so there will be only “white collars”. Then we will see, according to the development of the Group.