CAPITAL published a “portrait” of the President Piero Carlo Banzano

The CAPITAL devoted an entire page to the Chairman of BCUBE Piero Carlo Bonzano, in an article-interview entitled “CAPITALIZE THE (NEW) IDENTITY” (Capital, January / February, 2014, the section “Creators of Capital”, interview of Andrea Nicoletti).

Replacing the name and logo is, for a company, a very delicate change of image, which can also be a crucial element in a process of internationalization. The process has recently begun by BCUBE, as the President Piero Carlo Bonzano explains in this interview. With the opening of many foreign markets, a process in continuous expansion in Europe, Asia and South America, it was necessary to come up with a “global” name, pronounceable in all languages in the same way. “The new company was born – says the President – a larger one. Today the foreign market is worth 50% of a turnover exceeding € 400 million, and a further growth is expected in 2014. It was necessary take a risk and come up with a strong idea. What was needed was a signature like the one of Oliviero Toscani. I called him to ask to simplify our image, making it stronger. Toscani, with his exceptional ability to synthesize, managed to convince us immediately. That’s how BCUBE was born, replacing the old brand “Argol Villanova”. BCUBE is now an integrated reality with a wide range of expertise in all logistics services and in a variety of industrial sectors, including the automotive industry, but also aerospace and defense sector.

The article of Capital includes also a brief statement of Oliviero Toscani: “Here in Argol Villanova, I found the true willingness to deal with the new challenges. The future is strongly linked with the communication aspect, the recognition comes through the easiness to remember the logo, its pleasantness, its graphical beauty.” The conclusion of the article: a real change of page, radical in every sense, aimed to open new horizons for BCUBE, not to forget the strong ties with the local territory – the birth place, which now sees the historic Argol Villanova, growing with new colors.

After the publication of the article, the President Piero Carlo Bonzano was interviewed by Claudio Gallone, in the television program Capital la Sfida, in which the guests are leaders of industry, economy and finance who have took the challenge and managed to succeed in their professional lives.