The Bonzano family in the camera of Oliviero Toscani

Last January, at the prestigious headquarters of the museum La Triennale in Milan, the presentation of the Argol Villanova Group’s new corporate identity took place. The new image, a new logo and the name “BCUBE” are the result of creativity signed Oliviero Toscani. Toscani, present on the stage of the museum la Triennale, (next to Gad Lerner in the role of moderator of the meeting) and the President of BCUBE Piero Carlo Bonzano, presented through an interesting discussion, the history of the Group, ambitious plan of growth and the need of changing its identity in order to become more international, in a reality already strongly oriented to global development.

“When Piero Carlo Bonzano called me to entrust me the new concept of image and communication of Argol Villanova – says Oliviero Toscani – I was impressed by the modernity of a company founded in 1952, more than sixty years ago. A company that has been able to reshape, adapting effectively to the change and become the leader in the field of international logistics.

A firm that doesn’t produce matte but produces something that is more useful in today’s technologised world: organizational synergy, management of warehouses and platforms, intermodal transport, highly engineered services. It is a company that was born in Casale Monferrato, from the entrepreneurial genius of a man and, with a great sense of reality, it remained anchored in the territory and in the family. I have always been passionate about family histories, I come from one of these too, my father was a photographer and the photography is an important part in my family. I like the idea that a “job” contributes to the development and human evolution. I like to work for certain “solid” realities, not only in the economy, but also in affections, in family traditions, in respecting the places that have seen them grow. Argol Villanova is definitely a nice name, very evocative, elegant. But, perhaps, it is not appropriate to the globalized world in which the company operates today. So that’s why the “B” as the initial of the founder and his sons continuing his story.

“BCUBE” easy to remember, visually fast, pronounceable in the same way all over the world. And the colors “strong”, metric, yellow, blue, magenta. The inclusion of color in the logo because the color is energy, positivity. And I like to think that this new colored logo will bring to Argol Villanova at least another sixty years of development and luck.