BCUBE and the sponsorship of Nefertari

As part of the activities undertaken in support of art, BCUBE announces the sponsorship of the exhibition “Nefertari 1904-2014” in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, from 5th of December 2014 to 8th of January 2015.
The exhibition is promoted by Italian Embassy in Cairo, Italian Institute of Culture – Cairo, Ministry of Tourism, Egyptian Tourism Authority, Ministry of Antiquities, Supreme Council of Antiquities, University of Tuscia – Viterbo (Italy). After the exposure “Nefertari, Light of Egypt” organized with great success in Rome and Turin by the Fondazione Memmo and The Getty Conservation Institute, which between 1994 and 1996, introduced the restoration of the tomb finally reopened to the public, this event celebrates the 110th anniversary of one of the most important discoveries of Italian archeology. The exhibition has a documentary character, showing for the first time the original photos of the discovery of the tomb and comparing it with images before and after the restoration made by the Getty Conservation Institute, and finally concerns also the current situation. Many of the photographs are reproduced in a form close to real dimensions, allowing the visitors, for the first time, to see enlarged images of 110 years ago compared to the current ones of the photographer Sandro Vannini. An operation that allows to highlight the Italian genius in the service of the Egyptian cultural heritage, from the early restoration of Schiaparelli, through advanced techniques of restoration of the group Mora for “The Getty Conservation Institute,” to high definition photos that Laboratoriorosso today is able to produce.