BCUBE expands activity in RUSSIA in collaboration with RTL

BCUBE, a leading operator of integrated logistics services for supply chain management, present on the market for over 60 years, expands its business in Russia.
The Group, characterized by a very strong international presence, has its sites in North America, South America, Mexico, France, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, China, Bulgaria, Serbia, India and the United Arab Emirates.
In 2014 another important country such as Russia entered the BCUBE’s galaxy. In fact, a commercial partnership agreement between BCUBE and RTL was signed in these days. It aims to achieve and realize integrated logistics projects on the Russian territory, by developing proposals based on common marketing strategy, improving infrastructural logistic synergies, expanding the portfolio of customers and business opportunities and promoting joint investments.
Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Aerospace & Defense, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Technology are the fields of interest, on which this new partnership, focused on flexibility and adaptation to different needs of clients, will be developed, realizing – according to its core business – tailor-made logistics projects.

BCUBE is a leading operator of integrated logistics services on the international level, with a turnover of over € 460 million in 2013, more than 80 operating sites worldwide and 4,000 employees. BCUBE recently renewed its corporate identity with Oliviero Toscani, leaving the old name ” Argol Villanova ” and becoming, in fact, BCUBE.

RTL, founded in 1994, is a logistics operator with a turnover of approximately € 50 million and over 650 employees, operating mainly in Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The primary sector in which RTL operates is Automotive, followed by Industrial, High-Tech and FMCG.