BCUBE and ARTERIA a valuable partnership at the service of art at the Airport.

It was held yesterday in Rome, at the prestigious headquarters of Civita Association in the Palace of Assicurazioni Generali in Piazza Venezia, a meeting entitled “Art in the Airport – Security handling in works of art”, under the patronage of ENAC , Airports of Rome and Civita Association.

The aim of the meeting was to raise awareness and inform the world of art, from museums to collectors, on solutions applied when works of great value and valuable items, traveling from one part of the world to another, pass by the airports.

Particular attention has been paid to the project “Fiumicino SafeArt”, the safety vault of valuable goods that guarantees absolute safety in the transit of artworks at the airport of the Capital city.
The meeting was attended by the Chief Executive Officer of Air Cargo Bcube Fle /Mle, Dr. Mauro Grisafi, focused on the will of the Group to integrate the airport platforms for the transportation of valuable goods and ensure the highest specialization of services as far as the quality and safety are concerned.

Key speaker included: Dr. Andrea Orsa, Real Estate Director of Airports of Rome, Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli, Superintendent of the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Alvise di Canossa, president of Arteria.
The participants of the roundtable were : George Bisacca, Conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Dr. Antonio Addari – Chief Executive Officer of Arterìa, Dr. Massimo Maggio, Head of Fine Art of Willis Insurance Group, Dr. Roberto Boddi, Precious stones of Florence MIBACT, Dr. Elisabetta Giani Institute for Conservation and Restoration MIBACT, Fabrizio Iacobacci, Institutional Affairs & Special Projects Manager in BCUBE.