The Argol Villanova Group and Casale Monferrato’s Municipality together for the development of the territory

On Friday, July 12th 2013,  in the celebration room of the town hall, Argol Villanova Group’s owner, Cavaliere del Lavoro Piero Carlo Bonzano, and Casale Monferrato’s Mayor, Giorgio Demezzi, have sealed the act of sale of the ground where the headquarter will be built.
To highlight the importance of this event for the city of Casale Monferrato and the whole area the celebration was held in front of a huge number of journalists.

            «I thank the Mayor and the Administration for their collaboration on this important project: I am very happy about the agreement we have reached with the City of Casale – said Piero Carlo Bonzano – Our company is undergoing a radical transformation and growth: we have created a Logistics Centreof primary importance combining the expertise of both companies and by putting in place a new integrated organization. The decision to set up the new headquarters of the Group in the City of Casale is for me a source of great pride and is in line with the strong presence we feel in our territory, combined with a big boost to business development nationally and internationally.

The business center will become the symbol of the new group and will host the central management company in a three-storey building, built on the basis of the most modern principles of environmental sustainability, an area of​​ 4,500 square meters, with a major investment that will certainly bring benefits to local industries.

The new headquarter will also become a center of excellence, through training of Italian and foreign graduates on the most advanced logistics expertise. I believe that this project is an example of excellent cooperation between public and private and I am sure this will give a great contribution to the revitalization of the area of Casale».

The logistic center will be located in the street named after the Cavaliere del Lavoro Luigi Bonzano, founder of the Group.