Argol Villanova Group meets Canada – Canada Green Aerospace Table

The Canada Green Aerospace Table is an initiative organized by the Embassy of Canada in Rome, part of the Integrated Project (PIF) promoted by Torino Piemonte Aerospace and Foreign Centre for Internationalization (Centro Estero per Internazionalizzazione – Ceipiemonte) on behalf of the Piedmont Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. The meeting, which took place on the 21st of March at the Centro Congressi Torino, involved a delegation of Canadian operators coordinated by the Embassy of Canada, interested in learning about the Piedmont aerospace companies in order to establish new or strengthen the already existing business relationships and collaboration techniques. The Argol Villanova Group participated in B2B sessions, meeting some of the guest-companies. The Group’s ability to offer potential partners a wide range of services of Integrated Logistics has found a keen interest among Canadian guests. The Canada Table has initiated a series of meetings dedicated to the Aerospace and Defense sector and the additional meetings during the year are expected to be held both in Piedmont and in the territory of Canada.