Ankara Industrial Cooperation Days in Defence & Aerospace

The Argol Villanova Group attended the meeting dedicated to the Aerospace and Defence industries, held in Turkey from 6 to 8 of March. “Ankara Industrial Cooperation in Defence & Aerospace Days” is part of a series of events linked and promoted by the Torino Piemonte Aerospace in collaboration with the Foreign Centre for Internationalization (Ceipiemonte). The edition of 2013 has seen strong participation of some major international players in the industry such as: Airbus Operationss, Thales Air Systems, Alenia Aermacchi, a Finmeccanica Group, TAI – Turkish Aerospace Industry, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, Boeing Commercial Airplanes and many others. The Aerospace & Defence is one of the areas of logistics excellence of the Argol Villanova Group, working with leading companies on the international arena.